Coming Soon and Upcoming Show: San Diego’s Bakkuda

Bakkuda at Soda BarCan you believe Grrl on Grrl has been running for nearly two months now? Next Sunday the 27th, I’ll be featuring Alex Capella’s solo synthpop project Bakkuda.

And guess what? If you’re in San Diego and want to check her out before the episode 4 release, you can join us at Soda Bar on El Cajon Blvd this Thursday the 24th. It’s going to be an amazing lineup with Bakkuda, Heavenly Beat, and Teen Daze.

Here’s the Facebook event page. Please come! And you can even say hi to Grrl on Grrl’s lovely host… ME!

Asbury Park’s very first UkeFest

Uke Fest in Asbury Park, New Jersey

If you’re close enough to Asbury Park in New Jersey, then you should definitely check out the very first UkeFest hosted by The Saint at 601 Main Street. The fest is organized by Devon Moore of Fun While You Wait. Does the name sound familiar? Well, duh! Devon was kind enough to be Grrl on Grrl’s first guest. (You can find that episode here.)

If you need more ukulele in your life… or feel like you need to be converted to the ukulele ways, you must go! And take pictures to send to me, because I’m all the way on the west coast. Wah, wah.