IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Files will no longer be available after October 31st, 2020

I will stop paying for hosting on all Grrl on Grrl episodes at the end of this month, so now is the time to download/archive episodes!

If someone wants to put in the effort/time/energy to research and set up a more permanent (and free) host for Grrl on Grrl episodes ( bandcamp?), please let me know! It’s been on my to-do-list for years and has just never been done. It may need fresher energy to get done.

If you’d like to stay in contact for any reason, I still check

San Diego protesters

San Diego protesters and support:

I will be starting interviews to document an oral history of the protests. Whether you’re on the ground, running jail support from your home, or any other role, please tell me your story. The interviews will be released pretty raw with little editing (because I don’t have the spoons for that). Your anonymity will be respected.

If you do not know me, I used to have a podcast where I interviewed marginalized folks in music. In my writing and podcasting work I’ve always strived to amplify other voices that are not my own. Let’s do it again.

Please email

Goodbye Grrl on Grrl! and fundraising

Hi folks,

Remember how I said I’d put out a couple more episodes? Well, I have no excuses. I’m sorry. Grrl on Grrl Podcast is done. It’s been done for awhile and no matter how much I told myself “okay, just put out one more, one more, one more”, time, energy, desire, and mental bandwidth did not match up. It is time to be honest with myself and with you.

Thank you *so much* for your continued support of the podcast. I *see* that there are people still listening. It’s a little mind boggling. Between that, your likes and messages via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I got to feel what community feels like, so thank you, again, so, so, much.

This is the not-so-fun part. I’m asking for $.

I’d like to continue hosting the files, no matter what, because I’m proud of this podcast. I’m proud of my guests for all the work they’ve done and continue to do. And I want to continue sharing what we’ve done together.

Libsyn costs $5/month to keep the files hosted there. It’s not much, I know, but as I am about to enter a new phase of my life (massage school and then… grad school???), I’m trying to slim down my monthly expenses.

And I’m trying to be better about asking for help. There’s definitely a little bit in the back of my head that’s telling me that it’s okay to just… stop hosting the files, nobody will notice, etc. but I honestly can’t do that. I want the files to stay up.

So what say you? Can you throw in $1, $2, $3? I think my first goal is to raise about $60, which will pay for the following year. If you’ve ever been inspired by any of the guests, tracked down new artists or bought albums because of Grrl on Grrl, or have seen the benefit of a music podcast from a feminist perspective, and can afford it, please consider donating.

Thank you again, for all your past, present, and future support. Shoot me an email if you have any questions. I will also continue to keep y’all updated on how much we’ve raised together.

Love, June

P.S. Eventually I’d like to move the files over to somewhere else where I only pay for what gets downloaded/listened to, rather than a flat monthly rate. However, like, I said, I don’t have the mental bandwidth and energy for that (plus I’d have to change all my links… ugh). Does anybody have any tips or suggestions on this front?

P.P.S. If we somehow pass the $60 goal in this next year, I’d like to start reimbursing the people who have made GOG possible by the donation of their time. That includes all guests of the podcast (starting with episode 1, and including guests from episodes I never released), featured artists (including those who have work on my “Interlude” episodes), and unpaid behind-the-scenes help.

Digital Payment Methods:

(Please let me know this is for “GOG” or “Grrl on Grrl”, and if you’d like to be thanked publicly, please leave your name!)$JuneOwatari

I need help.

Hi. It is with much anxiety that I’m asking y’all for help.

Would anybody be interested in helping me sync up interview tracks, and even further, helping with basic content editing (taking out obvious tangents, long pauses)? I’m not even sure which part of the editing process is filling me with the most dread, but regardless, it’s stopping me from actually sitting down in front of my computer and actually doing work on them.

I can offer small payment in addition to trade in services (content writing, Tarot readings from a personal/creative growth angle, “brochure”-type web design). Help with one, help with some, help with all, any degree of assistance would be sooo helpful getting my ass into gear.

If you’d like to help finish up Grrl on Grrl in 2018, please shoot me an email at, or I’d appreciate a share to a friend or on your wall. Thank you again!

2018 Updates and Announcement

Dear Grrl on Grrl listeners (and fans??),

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, and that I still have episodes on their way.

Next up will be a joint episode with Kika Chatterjee and Carina Browder, who I interviewed as music writers, but in the year+ since I recorded them, have grown into other roles in the arts and music scene. So I’m very excited to share that with you soon. But it’s taking longer than I expected, between the logistics of “storyboarding” two discrete interviews and turning it into one episode, panicking about other projects I’ve had in the pipelines for awhile, and just plain needing a break. (But, if you’ve been listening long enough, you know that I’m not shy about taking those breaks!)

After that I have 4 interviews which will probably take awhile to get out as well. Why? Well, they’re still in their raw forms, and 2 of the interviews are with the full band, each member on a separate track. It’s going to take *awhile* to edit. But I *will* edit them and share them. It’s a promise I made myself at the start of the year, and it’s one I intend to keep.

That might seem ominous, and maybe it is.

I’ve found myself in a different mental, emotional, and philosophical space nowadays that I don’t think Grrl on Grrl completely embodies anymore. That’s not to say that I am not proud of the podcast, because I am, of the place this podcast can have in feminist/music discussions, and of myself, because up to this point, the podcast is probably the longest-running project I’ve ever had my hands on. But I’ve decided that once these remaining interviews are released, that I will be finished producing Grrl on Grrl.

The files will remain because I still think Grrl on Grrl can be an important resource. In fact, once I’ve finished releasing the remaining interviews, I plan on going through and creating school- and family-friendly versions of each episode, which would include cutting out adult language and adult tangents that wouldn’t be appropriate for say, a middle school or high school environment. (And if anybody has any insight on this, please feel free to get in contact!)

The message I wanted to put out when I first envisioned Grrl on Grrl was the message I wanted to give ME when I was in middle school and high school. So if there’s a way I can do that for others with this podcast, I will.

Thank you so much for the past two years and for this next year. If it weren’t for all of your support, your post shares and retweets, your Instagram hearts, your emails, I’m not sure I would have made it past the first three episodes.

So stay tuned for Kika and Carina, The Variants, Lys Guillorn, Boneth of Mr. Atomic, and Ludlow!


GRRL Interlude 005: Goodbye Polish, hello to you????, Felicia Williams, No Vacations, & podcast updates

Hey folks! Thanks for your patience waiting for new interviews. For now, here’s a mini-episode (“Interlude”) with some podcast updates and some rad poetry and music.

Listen Here

Download Interlude 005 from Libsyn. [~13mins; 13MB]

Show Notes

New theme song?

Do you want your song to be the intro/outro music of Grrl on Grrl Podcast for the next year? I’m retiring Polish’s “Drive” and am looking for a new song. Shoot me an email at!

Podcast/hiatus update

  • I have 4 interviews I had done for the end of “year 2” but I’m just moving that over to the beginning of year 3 (aka season 3). I’m getting those all done before releasing them, so there’s a bit more of a wait!
  • New logo coming soon! Which means stickers, buttons, and maybe tote bags? What do you guys think? What about shirts?
  • Between all you listeners and Cinema Spartan readers, we raised nearly $250 for Planned Parenthood, and got to giveaway a huge amount of merch from 20+ bands from around the country. THANK YOU ALL for participating.
  • The Fresh Brunettes, Polish, and Slum Summer played my benefit show in mid-June where we raised $540 for Punk Talks. Yay mental health!

Felicia Williams

Her poem “How Many Bodies”, written after yet another shooting of an unarmed black man, music composed by Asher Mendel. You can find her recent work at Madwomanetc.

Songs featured

Thanks as always to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Productions, and to Felicia Williams, No Vacation, and Polish.

Announcing the 2017 Grrl on Grrl & Cinema Spartan merch giveaway!

33 different bands… 3 huge merch packages… 3 winners! Could you be one?

Click here for the full list of bands and the details of the three different packages.

How do I enter?

There are a few ways to enter the CINEMA SPARTAN & GRRL ON GRRL 2017 MERCH EXTRAVAGANZA (working title), with each person potentially able to have a maximum of FIVE entries, with a chance of winning ONE of the three big prize packages!

Deadline to enter is JUNE 10, 2017, with the actual drawing on JUNE 11.

Part of this contest is social media-based, so if you have a private Twitter or Instagram account, we won’t be able to see your entry. So you’ll need a public account if you want to be included! For Facebook, set your entry post to Public so we can count your entry.

Donation (2 entries)

  1. Donate at least $5 to Planned Parenthood
  2. Send receipt or screenshot of receipt to, with the subject line “CONTEST ENTRY”. We just want to see that your email address matches the one you’re using to send us the receipt, and the dollar amount, so feel free to edit any other info out!
  3. You’re a freakin’ angel. Feel free to donate multiple times. (But you still only get two entries.)
  4. Wait for June 11, 2017 to see if you’ve won your way to musical heaven. We’ll make an announcement and also privately message you for your mailing info.

Instagram (1 entry)

(Please note that if you have a private account, we won’t be able to see your entry, so please consider making your account public while the contest runs.)

  1. Follow both @cinemaspartan and @grrlongrrl from your account.
  2. Post a photo or video answering the question, “Who is your hero?”
  3. Tag #CSGOGContest
  4. Please don’t be a dick and enter from multiple accounts. That’s pretty shitty.
  5. Wait for June 11, 2017 to see whether you’ve won a package! We’ll make an announcement and also privately message you for your mailing info.

Twitter (1 entry)

(Please note that if you have a private account, we won’t be able to see your entry, so please consider making your account public while the contest runs.)

  1. Follow both @cinemaspartan and @grrlongrrl from your account.
  2. Tweet your answer to the question, “Who is your hero?”
  3. Tag your tweet with the hashtag #CSGOGContest included.
  4. Don’t be a shithead and enter from multiple accounts.
  5. Wait for June 11, 2017 to see whether your mind’s about to be blown with all the rad artists’ merch you’re about to get. We’ll make an announcement and also privately message you for your mailing info.

Facebook (1 entry)

  1. Like both the Cinema Spartan and Grrl on Grrl Podcast pages.
  2. In a public post, answer the question, “Who is your hero?”
  3. Include the hashtag #CSGOGContest
  4. Don’t be a goddamned menace and enter from multiple accounts. That’s not fair.
  5. Wait for June 11, 2017 to see if you’ve won! We’ll make an announcement and also privately message you for your mailing info.

How will you determine winners?

At the end of the month, we’ll throw every entry into a spreadsheet (or something similar) and assign a number. We’ll then use to choose the winners of the three packages!

Or if Rob and I are feeling particularly whimsical, we might draw from a hat.

Only one package per winner.

How will I know if I’ve won?

Both Rob & I will post on our respective social media and sites (Cinema Spartan and Grrl on Grrl) to announce the winner on JUNE 11, 2017. We will also private message you through whichever platform you entered the contest to ask for your mailing address.

Any questions?

Email or comment below and we’ll do our best to answer any questions!

Feeling stuck on how to answer?

“Who’s your hero?”

Well, you can look at it a few different ways. For me, my personal hero is my friend M. because despite all the shit we’ve both been through, she’s stuck around, she’s worked through it, and now she’s helping other people get through THEIR shit too now that she’s graduated with an MFT!

For Rob, his feminist hero is Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue because as soon as she came to the magazine, she “adopted a more body positive stance… and focused on care and political activism.”

You don’t even have to write all that stuff out. I’m sure Rob is just going to post “Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue” with no explanation whatsoever, so…


2017 Merch Contest Bands & Packages

We got over two dozen bands and record labels as part of this stupid contest, divided into 3 separate packages. From music–CDs, cassettes, download codes, and vinyl–to tote bags and koozies, we’ve got a spread of genres, merch, and folks that will add to your already awesome collection. Here’s a playlist of the featured artists!

Who are the bands?

Well, Rob over at Cinema Spartan has been posting about the bands over on the Cinema Spartan Instagram, so definitely look through that. But here is a fancy list for your perusal:

  • Baywitch
  • Bearcats
  • Birdy Bardot
  • Citrus
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist
  • Dude York
  • Duping the Public
  • Five-Five Hole Records
  • Freezepop
  • Gazebos
  • HEXA
  • Høurs
  • Ian Sweet
  • K-Holes
  • Mommy Long Legs
  • Oh, Spirit
  • Pleasure Model
  • Shannon and the Clams
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band
  • Soft Lions
  • Spotlights
  • Strange Relations
  • The Fictitious Dishes
  • The Fresh Brunettes
  • The Julie Ruin
  • The Midnight Pine
  • The Total Bettys

Okay, sure, but what am I going to win?

We’ve got three huge packages (and some surprises along the way?) Each package has some commonalities with each other, but there are more unique items than not!

Each package will come with these items:

  • The Fictitious Dishes koozy
  • The Total Bettys Fan Club Zine “The Bettys Tell All!!”
  • Freezepop – Phantoms EP download card
  • Freezepop – “Imaginary Friends” single download card
  • Stickers from: Mommy Long Legs, Duping the Public, Fictitious Dishes, Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band, The Fresh Brunettes, Ian Sweet, K-Holes, The Julie Ruin
  • Pins from: Duping the Public, Bearcats, Freezepop, The Fictitious Dishes, Mommy Long Legs, Baywitch

Package A


  • Baywitch button up
  • Strange Relations tank
  • The Total Bettys hand-collaged pin
  • Bearcats ice cream sundae enamel pin
  • Mommy Long Legs patch
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • Duping the Public – The Matthew Effect EP
  • Soft Lions – XOXO CD
  • Birdy Bardot CD
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Be Enough CD
  • The Midnight Pine – The Redwoods Music CD
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist – Dark West CD
  • Baywitch – Moonstoners CD
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band – Don’t Shake limited edition CD
  • Strange Relations – Going Out cassette
  • The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset cassette
  • Ian Sweet – Shapeshifter cassette
  • Mommy Long Legs – “Life Rips” download slip

Package B


  • The Fresh Brunettes – Dog tote bag
  • The Total Bettys hand-collaged pin
  • Mommy Long Legs patch
  • The Midnight Pine – The Redwoods Music CD
  • Duping the Public – The Matthew Effect EP CD
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band – Don’t Shake limited edition CD
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Ben Enough CD
  • Soft Lions – XOXO CD
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist – Dark West CD
  • Birdy Bardot CD
  • Baywitch – Moonstoners CD
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • Ian Sweet – self-titled cassette
  • Ian Sweet – Shapeshifter cassette
  • The Fresh Brunettes – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition download card
  • Mommy Long Legs – “Assholes” download slip

Package C


  • Bearcats – handpainted tote
  • Bearcats – Break Up Stories cassette
  • Bearcats hand mirror
  • Bearcats pizza enamel pin
  • Total Bettys hand-collaged pen
  • Spotlights – Tidals CD
  • Spotlights – Spiders EP CD
  • Oh Spirit 7″ & CD
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Be Enough CD
  • The Fresh Brunettes – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition CD
  • Citrus – NSTYLDY CD
  • Dude York – Sincerely cassette
  • Gazebos – Die Alone cassette
  • Mommy Long Legs “Life Rips” download slip
  • Hexa download code
  • Høurs download code

This isn’t even all of it! We still have more merch and surprises (and better pics) soon! Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates.

Wham bam (new) RAM

It means *so much* to me to hear from some of you listeners asking where the latest Grrl on Grrl episodes are! This *is* supposed to be a biweekly podcast, right?

That’s what I thought too! But in the past two weeks I not only had to replace a ripped-in-half laptop charger, but then as I was working on episode 26 (after sending off episode 25 to Gary for his audio magicking), my computer powered down and refused to boot up. From the beeps coming from the BIOS, it seemed like my RAM is fried.

Well, after accidentally ordering the wrong RAM (got one 8GB stick instead of two 4GB sticks), my computer is back up and running, and I am posting here to let you know I haven’t lost faith in technology yet.

Though I am upset that I paid more for a new laptop charger than I did on RAM. What a racket, Apple. What a goddamned racket.

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for all y’all’s continued patience waiting for the new episodes. Episode 25 will be up sometime this week, and hopefully episode 26 won’t be far behind!



P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome announcement about a collaborative thing I’m doing with Rob of Cinema Spartan.

BONUS CLIP: A sacrifice had been made… with Stefanie of Caustic Casanova

When Washington DC band Caustic Casanova started their summer 2016 tour, they kept hitting bad luck after bad luck. It finally turned around, but at what cost?!

Listen to this deleted, bonus clip below! You can hear the rest of the interview with Stefanie Zaenker, along with her great playlist, tomorrow afternoon.

Download at Libsyn.