Wham bam (new) RAM

It means *so much* to me to hear from some of you listeners asking where the latest Grrl on Grrl episodes are! This *is* supposed to be a biweekly podcast, right?

That’s what I thought too! But in the past two weeks I not only had to replace a ripped-in-half laptop charger, but then as I was working on episode 26 (after sending off episode 25 to Gary for his audio magicking), my computer powered down and refused to boot up. From the beeps coming from the BIOS, it seemed like my RAM is fried.

Well, after accidentally ordering the wrong RAM (got one 8GB stick instead of two 4GB sticks), my computer is back up and running, and I am posting here to let you know I haven’t lost faith in technology yet.

Though I am upset that I paid more for a new laptop charger than I did on RAM. What a racket, Apple. What a goddamned racket.

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for all y’all’s continued patience waiting for the new episodes. Episode 25 will be up sometime this week, and hopefully episode 26 won’t be far behind!



P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome announcement about a collaborative thing I’m doing with Rob of Cinema Spartan.

BONUS CLIP: A sacrifice had been made… with Stefanie of Caustic Casanova

When Washington DC band Caustic Casanova started their summer 2016 tour, they kept hitting bad luck after bad luck. It finally turned around, but at what cost?!

Listen to this deleted, bonus clip below! You can hear the rest of the interview with Stefanie Zaenker, along with her great playlist, tomorrow afternoon.

Download at Libsyn.

Deleted clip: what’s a “unicorn band”?

Here’s a deleted clip from the upcoming interview with vivacious ladies the Fictitious Dishes. In this clip, guitarist Liz explains what being a “unicorn band” means and I join the band??? Maybe???

Don’t forget to subscribe to Grrl on Grrl on iTunes or whichever podcast app you use so you can be the first to hear episode #23 featuring Taryn, Liz, Maggie, and Jacquie of the Fictitious Dishes!

Summer Hiatus: Getting ready for year 2

I wanted to take the time to announce a two month summer hiatus. As some of you may know or have noticed, I suffer from anxiety (though not as badly or as overtly as my depression), and I’ve decided that I need some time off from the biweekly schedule.

I will be back late August, which will be the FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Grrl on Grrl. Whaaatt?! I have a couple of episodes recorded, and plan on getting some more interviews done before re-launching in August.

I will also be reflecting this summer on how to improve the podcast, so if anybody has any suggestions, recommendations, or just general thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at grrlongrrlpodcast@gmail.com. Another thing I want to think about is whether I should keep the podcast going on a biweekly schedule or move it to a more manageable monthly podcast. What do you think?

Thanks for all your support, kind words, and understanding this past year. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you!



Merch contest winners


Officially announcing the two winners of the very first Grrl on Grrl merch contest… These lucky folks won some awesome music and merch from Fun While You Wait, Gloomsday, and Blackberry Tongues. Hopefully we’ve got some new fans!

@grrlongrrl is this what you wanted?! Me dancing to @eisley in 2007?! #GrrlOnGrrl #contest

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Announcing the first ever Grrl on Grrl Podcast contest, 2016

Announcing the first ever Grrl on Grrl Merch Contest!

It’s official… The First Ever Grrl on Grrl Merch Contest is AFOOT!

The featured bands were kind enough to donate enough of their music and merch to make TWO prize packages, which means you have a better chance of getting some great tunes and GRRRL CRED.

Each band was a featured guest on Grrl on Grrl… so you’ve got:

  • Fun While You Wait – Devon Moore was the very first interview for the podcast and she will always hold a special place in my heart for that. Without her enthusiasm and support, I’m not sure where I would’ve started with this project. Fun While You Wait is a super fun pop rock band featuring Devon on vocals and ukulele. Our passion for ukuleles spring free in the inaugural episode, and Devon continued on in her ukulele evangelism by organizing the UkeFest on the east coast, featuring other ukulele artists.
  • Gloomsday – For episode five released this past summer, I joined Lori Sokolowski in her air conditioned living room where we bonded over Tecates and enjoyed the company of her dog Dorian. From playing bass and guitar in The Rosalyns and LadyParts to furiously drumming in Gloomsday, Lori has her hands in all sorts of genres.
  • Blackberry TonguesI met Los Angeles-based musician Lauren Davis when she played in San Diego with her band Blackberry Tongues. Since most of the band members met while attending college to study music, you know that they are absolutely passionate about the art–and you’ll be able to tell the first time you throw on their album. Their unique sound comes from collaboration from the chemistry, skill, and precision of each classically-trained member, and I won’t believe you if you say you aren’t immediately impressed by their ethereal, soul-surrounding music.

What are the prize packages?

Grrl on Grrl merch contest package A, 2016: Blackberry Tongues - We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled CD & sticker, Gloomsday - Sunburn Sessions 7" & patch
PACKAGE A: Blackberry Tongues – We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled CD & sticker, Gloomsday – Sunburn Sessions 7″ & patch
Grrl on Grrl merch contest package B, 2016: Blackberry Tongues - We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled EP & sticker, Gloomsday - Paradise Tossed CD, sticker, & button
PACKAGE B: Blackberry Tongues – We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled EP & sticker, Gloomsday – Paradise Tossed CD, sticker, & button

So you’ve got a chance to win one of two great packages from three amazing bands! How could you resist?

How to Enter:

  1. Follow @grrlongrrl on either Twitter or Instagram–or both for a total of two entries.
  2. Twitter: tweet me your favorite woman or nonbinary musician with the hashtag #grrlongrrl
  3. Instagram: post a photo or video of you listening to your favorite woman or nonbinary musician with the hashtag #grrlongrrl

CONTEST DEADLINE IS SATURDAY, APRIL 30 AT 11:59PM. I’ll randomly draw TWO winners using random.org and announce the winners on Sunday, May 1st.

THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. Each contestant gets a max of two entries–one on Twitter and one on Instagram. To receive your winning package, you must be able to send me your mailing address.

Thank you for all of your support! And I hope you’re as excited about the future of Grrl on Grrl as I am. Good luck!


I had a HUGE scare last week when my laptop crashed and the startup disk wasn’t being recognized. THREE interviews down the shitter, some new songs I’ve been working on gone, pretty much my whole life now in a digital graveyard.

THANKFULLY, it was just a hard drive connection problem that was easily fixable (and free because I spent extra money on AppleCare).

But, that does mean that episode 12 with Anastasia of The Weak Days MIGHT be delayed, since I just sent over the files over to the wonderful Gary Hankins today.

Thanks so much for everybody’s support and understanding. And PLEASE, don’t be like me! Backup your files regularly!

A journal entry from June 26, 2015

I went on a messaging spree for Grrl on Grrl today. Crossing fingers! I traded numbers with Emma of She/Her/Hers who apparently grew up in Escondido [my hometown, kinda]! She’s in Portland now though. Hopefully we can get an interview going.

I love her demo!

Episode #9 will feature Emma Grrrl of She/Her/Hers. Yup, it really has taken us 6 months to get together and interview… but, you know what? good things happen when you wait.