Grrl on Grrl Podcast is a bi-weekly music & interview show featuring musicians from marginalized communities (focusing on gender–trans and nonbinary included–and people of color), and looking at music and feminism from an intersectional perspective. But foremost, it’s an interview show where I get to talk to musicians about their art, life, and scene.  Listeners get to enjoy good convo, insights into the creative mind and community, and some great tunes picked by the guests themselves!

What makes this music podcast different?

Sharing, supporting, and having a voice are the three most important aspects to building a community, and that’s what I want to showcase.

I love supporting the musicians who often don’t have a voice in this industry. Whether they’re a *gasp* woman, people of color, transgender, nonbinary, queer or from other marginalized communities. I wanted to show the world that we’re all around… you just have to open your eyes! Plus, I wanted to listen to new music that I might not have heard otherwise.

Wait, you said nonbinary? What’s that?

Nonbinary or gender non-conforming is an umbrella term used for people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth and who may or may not present in stereotypical gendered ways. Some nonbinary people identify as transgender but not all.

Several gender identities fall under this umbrella term: genderqueer, genderfluid, nonbinary, agender, and more.

Not everybody interviewed or featured on this show is open about or “out” with their identity, so please be respectful, and please don’t make assumptions. If you feel like I’ve made a mistake, please feel free to contact me at grrlongrrlpodcast@gmail.com.

Who’s behind the podcast?

I’m your host, June Owatari, a musician and freelance writer. I’ve performed in San Diego band Mariel, have my own solo project Raymond the Sparrow, and have been published in Edible San Diego, PASTE Magazine, and others.

Under the Wait Think Fast moniker, Glenn Greggs provides the cold, hard cash to host the podcast. We’ve been friends since our improv days in high school, and we’ve continued to bounce ideas and critiques for our scripts, stories, and fledgling creative ideas for the past decade. In Chicago, they immersed themself in the theatre scene: they were a co-creator of cult comedy show The Telethon, performed for Neo Futurists and Blewt! Productions, and read for The Paper Machete. Glenn also has a weekly show at WCOMFM that features radio plays from North Carolina-based playwrights.

Who else has helped?

Lety Beers of San Diego rockers Schizophonics (and so many other projects) was the first to sacrifice her ears volunteer with post-production of the podcast. Without her initial offer of help, I’m really not sure if I would have had the mental fortitude to continue the podcast after the first 5 episodes.

More recently, Gary Hankins, lead weirdo of The Summer Knowledge and just regular weirdo of new band Bird Bath, hopped in to take over the post-production of the podcast. His critiques in the beginning really helped me fine-tune the direction of the podcast, as well. Nowadays, he helps me out when I really mess up an interview and desperately need his audio wizardry to make the whole episode sound good.

Do you want to get involved?

I’m always looking for more guests, so if you know a kickass musician, please throw me a tip or, hell, submit yourself! I promise I’ll respond within the week.

If you want to keep updated on Grrl on Grrl doings, please keep an eye on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

And of course, please subscribe to the podcast! You can do so through the RSS feed or via iTunes, or check the sidebar –> for other services that you can use to subscribe.

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