GRRL021: Songumentaries, reverse sexism?!, and going pro with Angie Walton of Duping the Public

In this episode, Angie of Duping the Public and I talk about DTP’s songumentary series–which documents their songwriting, production, and recording process, lifting women up in a male-dominated industry, how soul-sucking “going pro” in any industry can be, and the strides women have made in the music scene.

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Show Notes


  • Website (Find their music and merch store, blog posts and more info on the songumentaries, and news)
  • Vimeo (actual songumentary videos)
  • Facebook


Thank you so much to Angie for inviting me into the Duping the Public practice space for the interview. Thanks as always to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions! Editing, mixing, and mastering was done by me, June, this time, so don’t blame Gary for any mishaps in the episode. (On that note, if you have any comments or suggestions or any glaring errors I missed editing the episode, please let me know!)