GRRL014 featuring Dee Ray

GRRL014: Recording for posterity and engaging showgoers and fans, featuring Dee Ray

If you’re listening to this podcast, then you are, at the very least, interested in music and at most, passionate. Grrl on Grrl’s next guest is not only passionate, but she finds herself drawn to music, so much so that it would probably hurt without it.

In this episode, I join Dee Ray in her house where we speak about the importance of recording your music as your personal history. We also talk about Dee’s strategy for engaging showgoers and fans, and enjoying the hands-on approach to books and letters.

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  • [1:30] Not sure what to do next after her past rock bands
    • Cover songs: personal or not?
    • Going in a different musical direction from Dee Ray -> Pretty Boom -> Mr. and Mrs. Ford
  • [4:00] Putting your actual name on the project: personal, vulnerable
    • Moving away from Dee Ray to Pretty Boom turned it into a collaborative experience
  • [5:00] Remembering the very first time performing live
    • Taking the big step into music
    • “Letting loose” while singing
    • “You can’t learn it unless you do it.”
  • [6:30] Making mistakes while performing
  • [7:30] How the hell do you write music with other people?
  • [8:45] Mr. and Mrs. Ford – Red Velvet (live)
  • [11:45] Handwritten postcards to fans before shows
    • Another expression of their art
    • Self-promotion and personalization
  • [13:00] Adding value and something physical to the musical experience
    • Is music throwaway? Does it devalue the work?
  • [15:00] Record, record, record
    • Live performance is illusory. “You can’t nail it down unless you have the music in your hands.”
    • “If you don’t record, you don’t have tangible evidence of where you were at that time.”
  • [15:45] Pretty Boom – Long Way Round
  • [19:00] Talking up San Diego band G Burns Jug Band
    • Watching and hearing the vibrancy from their live show be translated to their recordings
    • Over-producing/recording same part over and over
    • Being let down by a band’s recording versus their live performances
  • [21:00] Music as a hobby or a job? (The answer is neither.)
    • “It’s more important than a hobby.”
    • Referring to music as a product
    • “How do you put a price on your emotions and your life?”
  • [23:00] Dee boosts my ego
    • Podcast giving her the chance to reflect on things she hasn’t thought about for awhile
  • [23:45] Dee Ray – “New York”

Where to Find Dee’s Music

Other Notes & Thanks!

Thank you to Dee Ray for welcoming me into her home!

Intro and outro music is “Get Up Got It” by Sullen Ray, off their album Blue Minor.

Mixing provided by Gary Hankins.

Audio hosting costs covered by Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions.

And to all my friends who have been so supportive of this project, I love you!

Announcing the first ever Grrl on Grrl Podcast contest, 2016

Announcing the first ever Grrl on Grrl Merch Contest!

It’s official… The First Ever Grrl on Grrl Merch Contest is AFOOT!

The featured bands were kind enough to donate enough of their music and merch to make TWO prize packages, which means you have a better chance of getting some great tunes and GRRRL CRED.

Each band was a featured guest on Grrl on Grrl… so you’ve got:

  • Fun While You Wait – Devon Moore was the very first interview for the podcast and she will always hold a special place in my heart for that. Without her enthusiasm and support, I’m not sure where I would’ve started with this project. Fun While You Wait is a super fun pop rock band featuring Devon on vocals and ukulele. Our passion for ukuleles spring free in the inaugural episode, and Devon continued on in her ukulele evangelism by organizing the UkeFest on the east coast, featuring other ukulele artists.
  • Gloomsday – For episode five released this past summer, I joined Lori Sokolowski in her air conditioned living room where we bonded over Tecates and enjoyed the company of her dog Dorian. From playing bass and guitar in The Rosalyns and LadyParts to furiously drumming in Gloomsday, Lori has her hands in all sorts of genres.
  • Blackberry TonguesI met Los Angeles-based musician Lauren Davis when she played in San Diego with her band Blackberry Tongues. Since most of the band members met while attending college to study music, you know that they are absolutely passionate about the art–and you’ll be able to tell the first time you throw on their album. Their unique sound comes from collaboration from the chemistry, skill, and precision of each classically-trained member, and I won’t believe you if you say you aren’t immediately impressed by their ethereal, soul-surrounding music.

What are the prize packages?

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Grrl on Grrl merch contest package B, 2016: Blackberry Tongues - We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled EP & sticker, Gloomsday - Paradise Tossed CD, sticker, & button
PACKAGE B: Blackberry Tongues – We Are Open Mouths CD, Fun While You Wait self-titled EP & sticker, Gloomsday – Paradise Tossed CD, sticker, & button

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THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO EVERYONE. Each contestant gets a max of two entries–one on Twitter and one on Instagram. To receive your winning package, you must be able to send me your mailing address.

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