GRRL023: unexpected double standards and “women in music” tropes, featuring the Fictitious Dishes

All four members of the Fictitious Dishes (Taryn, Liz, Maggie, and Jacquie) join me on this episode of Grrl on Grrl to talk about whether or not to expect people to pay for their music, the possibilities of working with a producer, some conflicting messages from showgoers when Taryn’s husband Hugh (of Slum Summer) filled in for Liz, and double standards and confusion in feminism and music.

This is the first time I recorded more than 2 people on separate mics. It needs some work, but I definitely learned a lot and I have some goals to reach the level of quality I really want in the future. For now, I hope I fixed the levels enough in post that you can hear everybody well!

Grrl on Grrl is now back on its biweekly schedule. Are you excited? I’m excited. Relieved and excited. Thanks for listening!

Listen Here

Download episode 23 at Libsyn [37min, 36.3MB] or listen at these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • The Fictitious Dishes – “Counting Coup” (demo)
  • Recording while pregnant
  • Wanting/needing a producer for the demos
  • “Why is your music free?” — Paying for music or not
  • We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It!! – “Love is the Slug”
  • Shit for being an all woman band
  • Implicit biases about women and men’s relationships within a band
  • Playing in an all-girl band (compared to their previous bands)
  • “Does it need to be a woman or not?” That’s kind of our thing. / Co-ed bands
  • Spending time with people you enjoy == your band
  • Being asked to be a role model for girls just because you’re a woman
    • Double standard — you wouldn’t ask white guys if they consider themselves a role model
  • Men Who Rock! and Men Who Rock! II at Seattle alternative magazine The Stranger: a parody of how women are portrayed in music magazines
  • Amy Klein of Titus Andronicus on not seeing any women with instruments in Rolling Stone – Beautifully written, this article (which was originally a Tumblr post(s)) is about how important it is for girls to see more of themselves in magazines and media, the severe lack of representation of women just doing things, and the exhausting standards of perfection women must face in male-dominated fields.
    • There are so many good quotes in this, but here’s one: “What we’re doing when we exclude women from rock and roll, and from the sense of rebellion that rock and roll promises, is disallowing women that independent perspective. We’re never giving them the chance to think critically about the world, and about the systems that oppress them. When we take women out of the arts, and take them out of art’s ability to critique the way things are, we’re making sure that women keep swallowing the status quo, day after day, and it’s the status quo that keeps us down.”
  • Happy Fangs – “Hiya Kaw Kaw” (Website)



Thank you to Liz, Taryn, Maggie, and Jacquie of the Fictitious Dishes! Taryn and Hugh graciously allowed me and the rest of the band into their home to do the interview.

Thank you as always to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions and to Polish for letting me use their song “Drive” for the intro and outro music.


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