GRRL Interludes 003: Music news, fake news, and a update

In this quick episode, I give some updates on past Grrl on Grrl guests, including new albums and award nominations! Plus I plug a great podcast and a couple of articles about journalism and fake news, and a quick update on–which I talked about in Interlude Episode 001–and some organizations to check out in the wake up the shutdown. I also have the pleasure of talking over some ambient music created by Asher Mendel, because I felt weird having just my voice talking with no background. So uh, what do you think? Is it too distracting? Too gloomy? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.

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Music News

The Rise of Fake News

…and how to navigate it.

Paraphrased from the Flash Forward episode “Extra! Extra!”, here are two things you can do before sharing anything on social media.

  1. Read the article and find its sources. Do the so-called experts quoted in the article even exist? If there are research articles cited, were they published by a legitimate journal? Because apparently there are publications out there where you can just PAY to have your article published. No peer review required.
  2. Check what website it’s on. Does the rest of the site have an obvious political agenda? Are the other articles on the site bogus as shit? Update

It happened, shut down their adult services section, putting many sex workers in dangerous positions.


GRRL022: New York vs. LA, the hustle, and touring with Deftones and Refused featuring Sarah Quintero of Spotlights

Happy new year, folks, and welcome to episode #22 of Grrl on Grrl!

In this episode, you’ll hear Sarah Quintero of Spotlights, a sludgegaze band from New York. She and Mario, who you heard mentioned in a cut segment I included at the end of the last episode, met in San Diego, before moving to Brooklyn where they are now based. In summer of 2016, they toured with Refused and Deftones! You’ll hear more about that in the interview. We also talk about their goals with growing the band and the supportive music scene in New York.

The first episode of 2017 runs a bit longer at 53 minutes, but it’s totally worth it because you’ll get to hear not only Spotlights, but San Diego’s Sleeping People and Seattle-based band He Whose Ox Is Gored. Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Collaborating with a significant other; the inception of Sleep Lady and Spotlights
  • Why move to Brooklyn? How is it compared to people’s attitudes in Los Angeles?
  • “The hustle”: DIY management, getting press, networking (ie making friends)
  • Finding a home at St. Vitus in New York 
  • Sarah’s zero tolerance to getting flak as a woman in a heavier genre
    • metal as one of the most supportive music genres
    • “life’s too short for bullshit”
  • The tour with Deftones and Refused
    • Brooklyn Vegan
    • Super exciting and super terrifying – “what if they’re total assholes?”
  • Differences between setting up your own tour vs being on tour with an already established band
  • Crowquill Records – what a record label should do
  • Mario’s side solo project: Codas
  • Making connections more easily now – social media – digital distribution
    • it’s easy enough to move on if something doesn’t work

Song List


Thank you so much to Sarah for speaking with me and being so inspiring, and to the folks at He Whose Ox Is Gored and Sleeping People for being part of this episode’s playlist.

And as always, thank you to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions and to Polish for letting me use their song “Drive” as the Grrl on Grrl theme song.

GRRL021: Songumentaries, reverse sexism?!, and going pro with Angie Walton of Duping the Public

In this episode, Angie of Duping the Public and I talk about DTP’s songumentary series–which documents their songwriting, production, and recording process, lifting women up in a male-dominated industry, how soul-sucking “going pro” in any industry can be, and the strides women have made in the music scene.

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Show Notes


  • Website (Find their music and merch store, blog posts and more info on the songumentaries, and news)
  • Vimeo (actual songumentary videos)
  • Facebook


Thank you so much to Angie for inviting me into the Duping the Public practice space for the interview. Thanks as always to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions! Editing, mixing, and mastering was done by me, June, this time, so don’t blame Gary for any mishaps in the episode. (On that note, if you have any comments or suggestions or any glaring errors I missed editing the episode, please let me know!)

GRRL Interludes 002: Blackberry Tongues, War on Women, and Iceland’s wage gap protest

I recorded and edited this episode yesterday but got stressed out about the election enough that I didn’t post. It seems pointless and meaningless to even put this up now, but I guess… life… goes on?

In this Interlude, you get to listen to a song off Blackberry Tongues latest EP put out in July, hear about Icelandic women’s protest about the unfair wage gap this past October, and a little bit about the Newsweek story on War on Women, which Grrl on Grrl listener Molly sent me.

Let’s build a Grrl on Grrl community! Start posting cool links, feminist resources, news stories, or anything else you’d think I or other Grrl on Grrl listeners will be interested. You can post them on our Facebook page, shoot me an email, or send a tweet! I might even mention you in future episodes!

Question of the month: How has your gender, class, and race affected your work environment? Shoot me an email at or comment on Facebook or Twitter! I may share your thoughts on future episodes.


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Unfair Wage Gap

Blackberry Tongues The Jackals EP

War on Women

Stay safe.

GRRL020: Staying safe, queer, and slutty with Oakland band Spray Tan

For episode 20, all three members of the self-proclaimed super queer, super slutty Oakland band Spray Tan–Andrea, Dorsey, and Lindsay–joined me online to talk about their experiences touring and staying safe as a queer band. We talk a bit about what came first–the punk or the queer?, how they determine when they play one of their more incendiary songs, and a bit of their songwriting process. (Hint: I wish I could be there.)

Trigger warning for use of queer slurs in reclaimed and un-reclaimed contexts.


Download directly from Libsyn [23 minutes; ~27.4MB]

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  • [1:30] Accidentally forming Spray Tan
    • Wanting to form a “squawky” jazz band
    • The term “slut rock” – “Maybe we should just write songs about being sluts.”
    • Thelma and the Sleaze as an influence – “Shreddy rock and roll people”
  • [3:15] Songwriting process, collaborative and trashy
  • [5:20] Spray Tan – Str8 H8
    • Would you leave the room if you heard this song?
    • Connects into the following discussion…
  • [6:30] Feeling safe (or not) playing songs like “Str8 H8”
    • How do you decide to play the song? Red flags
    • Will people become violent in response to songs like that?
  • [9:50] Trap Girl – Dead Men Don’t Rape
  • [11:15] Spray Tan’s worst tour experience
    • Backing out on a radio show in Utah (TW: use of slurs)
    • and accidentally following Built to Spill on tour
  • [14:00] Great experiences on tour: Identifying with and playing with queer communities, big and small
    • Oakland: “Everybody’s in a queer band.” “…isn’t that a good thing though?”
  • [15:00] Sissyfit – BFF
  • [17:00] Olympia, WA
    • “It’s a town of punks.” “Or queer.”
    • Gay New York – the history of the word “punk” from gay history
  • [17:50] Boner City – Die Young
  • [20:30] The story behind their laser-etched pins
    • Laser-etched dildo pins…… coming soon?!?!?!?!?!


Music Video


Thanks as always to all of you for listening, to Gary Hankins, and to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions.

The intro and outro track is “Drive” by Polish, which you can find on their Bandcamp.

GRRL Interlude 001: feminist and music news featuring songs from Polish and Crooked

I’m trying something new this week, inspired by the fact that uh, episode 20 is delayed. So here’s the very first Grrl on Grrl Interlude episode! In this short episode, I cover Grrl on Grrl news, upcoming album releases in October, and quotes from articles regarding the recent arrest of the Backpage CEO. Listen below, and don’t forget to check out the links to bands and articles mentioned as well.

And to all my listeners, please let me know how I can make this podcast more inclusive for you and for potential guests. Shoot me an email please at!

Listen & Download

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Album Releases

Featured song is Crooked’s “Black Whiskey Hill / Elzic’s Farewell.”

Backpage CEO’s Arrest

Creating a Safer Podcast


As always, the intro and outro music is “Drive” by Polish! Thank you to both Soft Lions and Crooked for giving me sneak peeks at their upcoming albums.

And usual thanks to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions, and even though Gary Hankins had nothing to do with this episode, I’ll thank him anyway as well.

Thanks everybody!


GRRL019: Working with a record label, objectification, and insecurities with Megan Liscomb of Soft Lions

Year 2 of Grrl on Grrl continues with episode 19 featuring Megan Liscomb of San Diego band Soft Lions. In this episode, Megan and I talk about working with a record label, insecurities as a live musician, and differences in objectification depending on your role in the band. Soft Lions is also a frequent participant of Monica Mendoza’s shows for GRRRL Independent Ladies, which you can hear more about on Monica’s episode of Grrl on Grrl.

Keep an ear out for news on their upcoming album to be released on Velvet Blue Records late October.

Find links to Soft Lions’ website and releases, along with information on the artists featured in the podcast, below. Thanks for listening!

Listen Here

Download episode 19 here [~30 minutes, ~37MB]

Show Notes

  • [1:30] “Phantom” by Soft Lions
  • [5:00] Past and present goals for playing music as Soft Lions
  • [7:30] Physical objects (ie vinyl records) as an experience
    • A memento of a band
    • A quick rundown of the process of creating a physical record
  • [9:30] “37th Street” by Horrible/Adorable
  • [11:15] Working with Orange County record label Velvet Blue Music
    • Production, management, booking
    • “It’s sort of a partnership… He’s a true believer!”
    • How the relationship with the record label started
    • Why bother looking for record label support?
  • [15:45] “Chartreuse” by Sharkmuffin
  • [17:30] Megan’s experiences as a woman in the music scene
    • “The scene has overall gotten better.”
    • Megan’s phone number is up for sale! (Not!)
    • Feeling safer (as a fan or as a musician) when you see other women on stage
  • [20:00] Walking a difficult line between standing your ground and being nice… customer service at its finest
  • [21:15] A story about Megan teaching a man about boundaries, with a happy ending!
  • [23:20] “FUBAR” by The Fresh Brunettes
  • [27:15] Changes in the past decade (ish) in the music scene
    • Treated differently when “just” singing versus also playing an instrument; more objectification
    • Pop singer culture; being eye candy
  • [28:45] QUESTION TO LISTENERS: How can I make Grrl on Grrl a safer, more gender-inclusive space?
    • Since the start of the podcast last year, I’ve made it my mission to make this project as gender-inclusive as possible. But I don’t think I’m doing the best job. How can I make Grrl on Grrl safer for trans men and women, nonbinary folks, and other underrepresented folks to be on the podcast? How can I change my language and mission statement, or anything else, to lift up all of our voices? If you have any ideas, suggestions, or critiques on how to make this podcast safer for guests, listeners, and featured artists, please shoot me an email at or message me on Twitter or Facebook.


Thank You!

Thank you to Megan Liscomb for inviting me into her home!

Thanks as always to Gary Hankins, who had to deal with up and down levels for this episode. (INSIDER INFO: We had to move a couple of times during the interview, mostly to watch Megan’s adorable cat be a cat.)

And to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions for paying for audio hosting costs.

You can find the intro/outro song “Drive”, along with other releases by Polish, on the Polish Bandcamp page.

GRRL018: Harassment and support liaisons at shows featuring Hailey Wojcik

GRRL018: Harassment at shows and support liaisons with Hailey Wojcik

Grrl on Grrl Year Two officially begins with episode 18 featuring solo artist Hailey Wojcik. Stop-motion animator and pop rock extraordinaire, Hailey is a talented artist and musician, dedicated to improving her crafts.

In this episode, we talk about Hailey’s workflow for booking tours, unwanted physical contact at shows (and other male micro-aggressions), how we can address and fix them, along with plans for her upcoming tour and new album currently being recorded.

Check out how to find Hailey online in the shownotes below.

Grrl on Grrl also has a new intro and outro song! Polish is a San Diego band that features previous guest Lori Sokolowski on bass and vocals. You can find more info at the bottom of this post.

Listen Here!

Download here [MP3, 29.5MB]


  • [2:00] Release of her latest solo EP Book of Beasts and recording an upcoming full-length
  • [3:00] Booking tours and gauging turnout to shows
  • [7:45] Hailey Wojcik – Dog V. Man (Bandcamp)
  • [10:40] Sexual/physical harassment at shows
    • Safety issues when touring as a solo artist
    • Deciding whether to say something or to to ignore harassment
    • Microaggressions (Trigger Warning for content at the link; examples of “casual” racism, ableism, sexism, etc.), mansplaining
  • [14:20] How do we fix the common problem of harassment at shows?
    • “This conversation is a start.”
    • More discussions, strategizing together
  • [15:00] Hailey Wojcik – Cigarette
  • [17:25] Speedy Ortiz/Sadie Dupuis’ harassment hotline: Attendees of their shows can text this hotline in case of harassment or unsafe situations (More info and a Q&A about it here)
  • [18:15] “A neighborhood watch” in venues, holding people accountable, acknowledgment
    • Seraphim Collective in Brooklyn, based on the work done by the Feminist Action Support Network in Chicago
    • “Support liaisons are present at events to prevent harm, provide emotional care, respond to crisis, mediate conflict, and empower others to do the same. We enhance and encourage safer space by our presence and availability” (from the FASN site)
  • [20:15] Hailey Wojcik – XO, Skeleton

Find Hailey online

Special Thanks

Thank you so much to Hailey for taking the time to speak with me! We had a few scheduling hiccups, but finally sitting down with her was such a pleasure and totally worth the wait.

As always, thank you to Gary Hankins and Greg Guiliano (of Wait Think Fast Productions) for their continued support with the podcast. Without them, my podcast wouldn’t sound so good nor would it have proper hosting!

Thank you to Lori Sokolowski and the rest of Polish for letting me use their song “Drive” for the intro and outro music. You can follow them on Facebook and download their songs on their Bandcamp.