Danielle Leonard of Topshelf Records on running a house venue & DIY label (GRRL030)

After a 6 month hiatus, here is episode 30 featuring Danielle Leonard! I met Danielle at the SD Women Music Industry night last year and was intrigued with her work running a DIY record label in Savannah, Georgia where she attended SCAD. She now works for San Diego-based Topshelf Records.  In this interview we talk about the ups and downs of running a house venue, her DIY label Bomb Shelter Records, and one way to foster safety in the music scene.

A warning in relation to our discussion on a safe scene: we talk about PWR BTTM as one example of a band fighting for safe spaces. Unfortunately, since the interview, Ben Hopkins has been accused of sexual assault. For more info and resources, check further down in the show notes.

Apologies for the crackly intro and outro “monologues.” Not sure what happened there!

Thank you to Danielle Leonard (and Marty!) for chatting with me and to all the artists for permission to use their song on the podcast. And thank you to The Fresh Brunettes, who are providing their song “Best of the Worst” as the new Grrl on Grrl theme song! You can find their album Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition on CDBaby.


Download GRRL030 at Libsyn [42 minutes; 39MB] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • Danielle’s work in Savannah, Georgia with Bomb Shelter (the house venue and DIY record label)
    • Running a house venue: From not knowing what a PA system is to dealing with landlords and BMI
    • “Label” in air-quotes: Collaborative effort among the bands and the folks behind the label
    • Using equipment and facilities from SCAD
    • What they did for the bands
  • Using that experience to make her way to Topshelf Records (based in San Diego!)
    • Differences between working on Bomb Shelter and at Topshelf
    • How supportive Topshelf is – the DIY ethic but in a larger scale
  • Her role at Topshelf – “There’s only 4 of us.”
  • [12:30] Rubblebucket – “Raining” (Website)
  • Missing house shows now that Danielle doesn’t live in Savannah
    • House show scene sustained by those not old enough for bar shows
  • Couple of house venues in San Diego
    • The Habitat – the article I wrote about this in San Diego Jewish Journal
  • “If any city was made for [house shows], it was Savannah.”
    • Collaborative effort: everybody worked together to create this all-ages music scene
    • A few problems: Getting hassled by BMI, landlords, cops
  • Waiting to find a tight-knit music scene in San Diego
    • My own experience with the music scene here
    • Danielle: there’s more opportunity / places for bands to play, maybe?
    • (Whoa, I was 29 when I did this interview.)
    • I hate on Soma
    • “I’m gonna bring the shows to me.”
  • [26:30] Covet – “Pelagic” (Bandcamp)
  • WARNING: This is where we talk about PWR BTTM.
  • What’s a label’s responsibility for creating a safe music scene?
    • Diverse (gender and racial) tour packages and label lineups: No Vacation, Ratboys, Slingshot Dakota
    • I play a clip of Slingshot Dakota’s “Until the Day I Die” which was featured in this episode with Anastasia Rivera.
  • Sexual abuse in the pop punk scene & the importance of diversity to create a safe space
    • Less male-centric shows –> less violence
    • Women on stage being explicit about
    • The entitlement of “dancers”; don’t punch people at shows!
  • [35:45] No Vacation – “Mind Fields” (Bandcamp)


GRRL Interlude 005: Goodbye Polish, hello to you????, Felicia Williams, No Vacations, & podcast updates

Hey folks! Thanks for your patience waiting for new interviews. For now, here’s a mini-episode (“Interlude”) with some podcast updates and some rad poetry and music.

Listen Here

Download Interlude 005 from Libsyn. [~13mins; 13MB]

Show Notes

New theme song?

Do you want your song to be the intro/outro music of Grrl on Grrl Podcast for the next year? I’m retiring Polish’s “Drive” and am looking for a new song. Shoot me an email at grrlongrrlpodcast@gmail.com!

Podcast/hiatus update

  • I have 4 interviews I had done for the end of “year 2” but I’m just moving that over to the beginning of year 3 (aka season 3). I’m getting those all done before releasing them, so there’s a bit more of a wait!
  • New logo coming soon! Which means stickers, buttons, and maybe tote bags? What do you guys think? What about shirts?
  • Between all you listeners and Cinema Spartan readers, we raised nearly $250 for Planned Parenthood, and got to giveaway a huge amount of merch from 20+ bands from around the country. THANK YOU ALL for participating.
  • The Fresh Brunettes, Polish, and Slum Summer played my benefit show in mid-June where we raised $540 for Punk Talks. Yay mental health!

Felicia Williams

Her poem “How Many Bodies”, written after yet another shooting of an unarmed black man, music composed by Asher Mendel. You can find her recent work at Madwomanetc.

Songs featured

Thanks as always to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Productions, and to Felicia Williams, No Vacation, and Polish.

GRRL029: Writing in the car, 90s influences, and Instagram marketing with Dee Clement of Lonely Bones

Dee Clement joins me over Skype to talk about her new project Lonely Bones. Why can’t Dee write any love songs? Why does she insist on writing songs while driving? And what’s up with Instagram? We talk about those questions and more!

Previously of Peachy Keene and Sullen Ray, Dee Clement has been playing music and writing songs for a good while. For Lonely Bones, she’s working with Ali Coyle and Javan Slagle who are helping her produce the album.

Thank you to Dee Clement for chatting with me and to all the artists for permission to use their song on the podcast. And as always, thanks to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Productions–check out his radio show every Tuesday at 9pm EST at WCOM!–and to Polish for use of their song “Drive” as the intro and outro music.


Download GRRL029 at Libsyn [49 minutes; 45MB] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes



Announcing the 2017 Grrl on Grrl & Cinema Spartan merch giveaway!

33 different bands… 3 huge merch packages… 3 winners! Could you be one?

Click here for the full list of bands and the details of the three different packages.

How do I enter?

There are a few ways to enter the CINEMA SPARTAN & GRRL ON GRRL 2017 MERCH EXTRAVAGANZA (working title), with each person potentially able to have a maximum of FIVE entries, with a chance of winning ONE of the three big prize packages!

Deadline to enter is JUNE 10, 2017, with the actual drawing on JUNE 11.

Part of this contest is social media-based, so if you have a private Twitter or Instagram account, we won’t be able to see your entry. So you’ll need a public account if you want to be included! For Facebook, set your entry post to Public so we can count your entry.

Donation (2 entries)

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How will you determine winners?

At the end of the month, we’ll throw every entry into a spreadsheet (or something similar) and assign a number. We’ll then use random.org to choose the winners of the three packages!

Or if Rob and I are feeling particularly whimsical, we might draw from a hat.

Only one package per winner.

How will I know if I’ve won?

Both Rob & I will post on our respective social media and sites (Cinema Spartan and Grrl on Grrl) to announce the winner on JUNE 11, 2017. We will also private message you through whichever platform you entered the contest to ask for your mailing address.

Any questions?

Email cinemaspartansd@gmail.com or comment below and we’ll do our best to answer any questions!

Feeling stuck on how to answer?

“Who’s your hero?”

Well, you can look at it a few different ways. For me, my personal hero is my friend M. because despite all the shit we’ve both been through, she’s stuck around, she’s worked through it, and now she’s helping other people get through THEIR shit too now that she’s graduated with an MFT!

For Rob, his feminist hero is Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue because as soon as she came to the magazine, she “adopted a more body positive stance… and focused on care and political activism.”

You don’t even have to write all that stuff out. I’m sure Rob is just going to post “Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue” with no explanation whatsoever, so…


2017 Merch Contest Bands & Packages

We got over two dozen bands and record labels as part of this stupid contest, divided into 3 separate packages. From music–CDs, cassettes, download codes, and vinyl–to tote bags and koozies, we’ve got a spread of genres, merch, and folks that will add to your already awesome collection. Here’s a playlist of the featured artists!

Who are the bands?

Well, Rob over at Cinema Spartan has been posting about the bands over on the Cinema Spartan Instagram, so definitely look through that. But here is a fancy list for your perusal:

  • Baywitch
  • Bearcats
  • Birdy Bardot
  • Citrus
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist
  • Dude York
  • Duping the Public
  • Five-Five Hole Records
  • Freezepop
  • Gazebos
  • HEXA
  • Høurs
  • Ian Sweet
  • K-Holes
  • Mommy Long Legs
  • Oh, Spirit
  • Pleasure Model
  • Shannon and the Clams
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band
  • Soft Lions
  • Spotlights
  • Strange Relations
  • The Fictitious Dishes
  • The Fresh Brunettes
  • The Julie Ruin
  • The Midnight Pine
  • The Total Bettys

Okay, sure, but what am I going to win?

We’ve got three huge packages (and some surprises along the way?) Each package has some commonalities with each other, but there are more unique items than not!

Each package will come with these items:

  • The Fictitious Dishes koozy
  • The Total Bettys Fan Club Zine “The Bettys Tell All!!”
  • Freezepop – Phantoms EP download card
  • Freezepop – “Imaginary Friends” single download card
  • Stickers from: Mommy Long Legs, Duping the Public, Fictitious Dishes, Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band, The Fresh Brunettes, Ian Sweet, K-Holes, The Julie Ruin
  • Pins from: Duping the Public, Bearcats, Freezepop, The Fictitious Dishes, Mommy Long Legs, Baywitch

Package A


  • Baywitch button up
  • Strange Relations tank
  • The Total Bettys hand-collaged pin
  • Bearcats ice cream sundae enamel pin
  • Mommy Long Legs patch
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • Duping the Public – The Matthew Effect EP
  • Soft Lions – XOXO CD
  • Birdy Bardot CD
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Be Enough CD
  • The Midnight Pine – The Redwoods Music CD
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist – Dark West CD
  • Baywitch – Moonstoners CD
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band – Don’t Shake limited edition CD
  • Strange Relations – Going Out cassette
  • The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset cassette
  • Ian Sweet – Shapeshifter cassette
  • Mommy Long Legs – “Life Rips” download slip

Package B


  • The Fresh Brunettes – Dog tote bag
  • The Total Bettys hand-collaged pin
  • Mommy Long Legs patch
  • The Midnight Pine – The Redwoods Music CD
  • Duping the Public – The Matthew Effect EP CD
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band – Don’t Shake limited edition CD
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Ben Enough CD
  • Soft Lions – XOXO CD
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist – Dark West CD
  • Birdy Bardot CD
  • Baywitch – Moonstoners CD
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • Ian Sweet – self-titled cassette
  • Ian Sweet – Shapeshifter cassette
  • The Fresh Brunettes – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition download card
  • Mommy Long Legs – “Assholes” download slip

Package C


  • Bearcats – handpainted tote
  • Bearcats – Break Up Stories cassette
  • Bearcats hand mirror
  • Bearcats pizza enamel pin
  • Total Bettys hand-collaged pen
  • Spotlights – Tidals CD
  • Spotlights – Spiders EP CD
  • Oh Spirit 7″ & CD
  • Five.Five Hole Records – Condo City Noise EP 7″
  • The Fictitious Dishes – You Could Never Be Enough CD
  • The Fresh Brunettes – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition CD
  • Citrus – NSTYLDY CD
  • Dude York – Sincerely cassette
  • Gazebos – Die Alone cassette
  • Mommy Long Legs “Life Rips” download slip
  • Hexa download code
  • Høurs download code

This isn’t even all of it! We still have more merch and surprises (and better pics) soon! Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates.

GRRL028: Pay-to-play, promoting, and self-respect with Jenna of SoCal Indie Musicians

For this episode, Jenna Alonzo joined me over Skype after her tour with her band Frequency Within. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the whole band together for an interview in the future, but this episode is actually about her website SoCal Indie Musicians, which she uses as a platform to help herself and other bands promote themselves and book shows, either through her blog or one-on-one.

After you listen to the interview, scroll down a bit in these here show notes and check out all the blogs Jenna recommends to any DIY musician. You’ll also find links to SoCal Indie Musicians’ social media and her Facebook communities.

Thanks to Jenna Alonzo for joining me for this episode! And as always, thank you to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Production for being the stalwart financial support for the show. Don’t forget to check out their weekly radio show on WCOM, on Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern Time, for radio plays written by North Carolinian playwrights. The intro and outro song is “Drive” provided by Polish.

Listen Here

Download episode 28 at Libsyn [40 minutes; 36.7MB] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • What pay-to-play is, why venues or promoters even do it
  • Jenna’s experiences with pay-to-play and her thoughts on it as a music fan, and then as a musician
  • What makes a good partnership between a band and a venue?
  • Built-in crowd… or not? And knowing your goals and audience
  • [9:00] Frequency Within – “Static Ground”
  • The purpose of SoCal Indie Musicians blog
    • Lots of tips on marketing and booking so she doesn’t keep repeating herself
  • Education in music business and reading as many blogs and books as possible (look below for links to her recommended resources)
  • Learning from mistakes… everything as a new experience. “You can’t really do anything wrong.”
  • “You can’t do everything on your own all the time… even if you want to.”
    • SCIM growing, other people helping
  • What do you look for in a band to decide you want to work with them?
    • “I listen to everything.”
    • “If the song itself is really great, then I’ll check them out further.”
  • Red flags/pet peeves: seeing symptoms and signs of bands she doesn’t want to work with
    • June rants a tiny bit about show attendance
  • [22:00] Black Jacobins – “War is Hell” (Facebook) (CDBaby)
  • What do women and nonbinary folx need to know about the business of music that’s specific to them?
    • Stand up for yourself, basically
  • Some rad venues
  • What are steps to make Orange County venues safer/opener?
  • Putting your safety and feelings above your career
    • Article mentioned in the episode: “This Is Why Wax Idols and King Woman Dropped Off Their Tour with Pentagram” by Cat Jones
    • From the article: “I’ve gotten extremely used to being discredited, scoffed at, made fun of, told that I’m a bitch, that I’m crazy, that I’m delusional, that I’m a nobody, that what I think doesn’t matter, that my band doesn’t matter—I’ve been told all of these things by so many people, and I’m used to it. But I don’t believe it. So I refuse to allow myself to be treated that way, no matter what people say to me and how people treat me. And I’m not going to let my bandmates get treated that way. Absolutely not. I’ll never sit back and watch people that I care about get disrespected and treated like shit, and watch them feel bad and uncomfortable, and not do anything to help them. It’s just not going to happen.” — Hether Fortune
  • [34:30] The Black Heartthrobs – “Everything’s Alright”
  • Officially announcing the 2017 Grrl on Grrl & Cinema Spartan merch giveaway


Jenna’s Blog & Book Recommendations

From an email to me:

As far as books go, they get outdated quickly and a lot of them say the same things about the old music business.  Everything relevant & new you can find as Blogs & on YouTube.  I did, however, purchase Ari’s book “How to make it in the new music business” which is excellent so far and came out in December 2016.  He’s very real and his writing alternates between using “he” and “she” making the reading experience more comfortable.

GRRL026: Femme punk, misconceptions, and song inspiration, with the Fresh Brunettes


This episode of Grrl on Grrl features Aleisha and Alexis of San Diego “femme punk” band The Fresh Brunettes. Their bassist Paul was also in the room, but didn’t say much, as bassists are wont to do, and Fresh Brunettes’ dog mascot Cosmo also graced us with his presence.

Besides the amazing songs from Lisa Prank, Soft Lions, the Candelights, you’ll hear Alexis and Aleisha talk about preconceived notions of what a guitarist or drummer should look like, some inspiration for their songs, and what they appreciate when interacting with their audience.

Thank you as always to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Production for providing hosting costs, to Polish for providing their song “Drive” for the intro and outro music, and for the first time ever, to Adam Goron, producer of Chicago’s “premier” Star Trek podcast Space Lincoln, for helping me remove some crazy noise on one of the interview tracks. A true lifesaver!

Listen Here

Download GRRL026 on Libsyn [31.2MB, 34 minutes] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • The who’s who of the Fresh Brunettes
  • A little bit about the name of their latest album Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
  • What does calling themselves “femme punk” mean
    • Making feminist music; “crass with class”
  • [4:30] Lisa Prank – “Luv is Dumb
  • Meanings behind new songs not on their latest album: “GPS” and “Miss America”
    • “Miss America” based off a poem by Alexis
    • Trigger warning: description of an assault video
  • Deciding on what songs to play and what to have on the album
  • [11:40] Soft Lions – “Digital Girls
  • Their interview on San Diego radio station 91x (91.1)
  • Fans/audience responses and conversations
    • “That’s probably why I like performing so much. It’s my chance to let loose.”
    • Being “unexpectedly” loud (and whether that has to do with gender)
    • Being shy in person but having to perform banter as well
  • [19:30] The Candelights – “Motel” (Facebook) – formerly known as The End
  • Misconceptions and assumptions made on what Aleisha plays or sounds like
    • Counterpoint: Alexis on drums
  • Without Paul the bassist, the new album would not have been made!
  • “Would you do anything different?” Book differently, being smarter about booking in 2017
  • CD/cassette release – Hoping to release through Weiner Records, but…
  • [28:30] The Fresh Brunettes – “Friends”
  • Googling The Fresh Brunettes & Paul’s insightful commentary


GRRL027: Depression & (the lack of) DIY spaces with Diana Regan

You might be wondering where episode 26 is, but uh, just… it never existed. (It’ll come soon, I promise.)

For episode 27, I interviewed Oakland-based solo artist Diana Regan, who records and releases her music straight from her home! In the episode, we talk about the stories behind her songs and our process transposing  and performing our songs in different instruments–in her case, ukulele to guitar; for me, ukulele to piano. We also touch on the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland last year, and how DIY spaces and communities like that saved Diana in her younger years.

Not-so-fun fact: I originally interviewed Diana in early 2016 but because of technical difficulties, I had to scrap the interview. Fortunately Diana was willing to sit down with me for a SECOND interview. Thanks to Diana for her patience!

Content Warning: We talk extensively about dealing with depression, and also have mentions of self-harm, addiction, and trauma.

Listen Here

Download GRRL027 from Libsyn [39min, 36.1MB] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes



As always, thank you so much to Glenn Greggs of Wait Think Fast Productions for providing audio hosting costs. You can check out Glenn’s show every Tuesday 9pm EST on WCOMFM, a public radio station in North Carolina that features radio plays by local playwrights. You can listen live on the website.

And of course, thank you so much to Diana Regan for sitting down with me (again!) and to Polish for providing the intro and outro music.

GRRL025: Fiddling, contra dance, and gender at Smith College, with Anna Levitt of Crooked

Welcome to episode 25 of Grrl on Grrl with Anna Levitt of San Diego folk band Crooked. In this episode we talk about the differences between classical violin and fiddle, gender at Anna’s alma mater Smith College and with babies, and the two different faces of her band Crooked.

Disclaimer/corrections on the portion about Smith College: During the interview we talk about how trans men are included in Smith, but it looks like that is not the case any longer. If you look at their gender inclusion policy on their site, they admit women (cis and trans), do not include trans men, and then have a complete non-answer for genderqueer and gender nonconforming individuals. This makes me pretty uncomfortable, and honestly, I’m not sure how to express my feelings on this. I’m definitely interested in how their policy will continue to evolve. What are your thoughts? Feel free to shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

I got my first one-star rating on iTunes. I’m assuming it’s some sort of men’s rights activist, but who knows? If you wanna help the podcast rating out at all, please head on over to the podcast on iTunes and leave your thoughts and suggestions. I’m always excited to hear from you!


Download GRRL025 at Libsyn [43mins, ~60MB] or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • [2:00] Crooked – “Another Cuppa Joe”
  • [6:00] The differences between violin and fiddle
    • “A lot of people ask what the fiddle is relative to the violin.” “Oh my God, I was totally gonna ask that next!”
  • [7:30] A bit about Anna’s band Crooked
    • Everybody contributing singing, writing, and playing
    • Anna branching into writing lyrics
  • [9:20] One of Anna’s songs making it into the Crooked album (“Mama Put the Frango On“)
    • Road trip in Mozambique for a music festival
    • Mbila/Timbila – xylophone-esque
  • [12:20] Uncle Earl – Willie Taylor (Album) (Website)
  • [16:40] Training in/playing classical music and then finding where the fun was–Irish bars!

  • [18:40] Going to a women’s college

    • Gender neutral language in college policy, how the changes came about
      • “Having language that said ‘she’ and ‘her’ was really inspiring [in original college policy] but it’s a new age and we were excluding people.”
      • Being politic, consulting alumni before making changes
    • The community aspect: having regular, virtual tea parties
  • [22:30] Having a baby and having to talk about gender

    • “What is it?”

    • “I don’t want to force [gender] on a two-day old child.”
    • Baby X story by Lois Gould, a fictional short story originally published in the 1970s in Ms. Magazine
    • “Babies have a lot in common. They want to chew on things.”
  • [25:00] Rayna Gellert & Friends – Ducks on the Millpond (Website)
  • [27:20] Crooked: 1 band, 2 incarnations
    • What you hear on the record vs. live contradance band
    • Contradance – a partnered dance, originally popular in the Appalachians with a couple of revivals (including now!)
  • [30:15] San Diego Contra Dance, associated with the SD Folk Heritage
    • Gender neutral one in San Francisco, but not in San Diego
    • Learning opportunities in San Diego Contradance by playing in their community band
  • [32:00] The differences between square dancing, country line dancing, and contradance
    • Starting a “square-volution”
    • Learning in elementary school
    • Henry Ford?!?!
  • [34:15] City Heights Music School – Saturday school, non-profit
    • Anna’s involvement with them
  • [37:45] The Nields – Keys to the Kingdom (Website)



Thanks so much to Anna for inviting me into her home and picking some great artists and songs to feature in her episode!

And as always, thank you to everyone who checked in on me the last two weeks to see where the new episodes were, to Gary Hankins who tried his best to get rid of some of that electrical buzz in the recording and put the whole thing together, to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions for hosting costs, and to Polish for their song “Drive.”

Thanks as always to Gary Hankins who tried his best to get rid of some of that electrical buzz in the recording, and to Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions for hosting costs.


Wham bam (new) RAM

It means *so much* to me to hear from some of you listeners asking where the latest Grrl on Grrl episodes are! This *is* supposed to be a biweekly podcast, right?

That’s what I thought too! But in the past two weeks I not only had to replace a ripped-in-half laptop charger, but then as I was working on episode 26 (after sending off episode 25 to Gary for his audio magicking), my computer powered down and refused to boot up. From the beeps coming from the BIOS, it seemed like my RAM is fried.

Well, after accidentally ordering the wrong RAM (got one 8GB stick instead of two 4GB sticks), my computer is back up and running, and I am posting here to let you know I haven’t lost faith in technology yet.

Though I am upset that I paid more for a new laptop charger than I did on RAM. What a racket, Apple. What a goddamned racket.

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for all y’all’s continued patience waiting for the new episodes. Episode 25 will be up sometime this week, and hopefully episode 26 won’t be far behind!



P.S. Stay tuned for an awesome announcement about a collaborative thing I’m doing with Rob of Cinema Spartan.