2017 Merch Contest Bands & Packages

We got over two dozen bands and record labels as part of this stupid contest, divided into 3 separate packages. From music–CDs, cassettes, download codes, and vinyl–to tote bags and koozies, we’ve got a spread of genres, merch, and folks that will add to your already awesome collection. Here’s a playlist of the featured artists!

Who are the bands?

Well, Rob over at Cinema Spartan has been posting about the bands over on the Cinema Spartan Instagram, so definitely look through that. But here is a fancy list for your perusal:

  • Baywitch
  • Bearcats
  • Birdy Bardot
  • Citrus
  • Dani Bell & The Tarantist
  • Dude York
  • Duping the Public
  • Five-Five Hole Records
  • Freezepop
  • Gazebos
  • HEXA
  • Høurs
  • Ian Sweet
  • K-Holes
  • Mommy Long Legs
  • Oh, Spirit
  • Pleasure Model
  • Shannon and the Clams
  • Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band
  • Soft Lions
  • Spotlights
  • Strange Relations
  • The Fictitious Dishes
  • The Fresh Brunettes
  • The Julie Ruin
  • The Midnight Pine
  • The Total Bettys

Okay, sure, but what am I going to win?

We’ve got three huge packages (and some surprises along the way?) Each package has some commonalities with each other, but they also have some unique items!

Package A

Package B

Package C


This isn’t even all of it! We still have more merch and surprises (and better pics) soon! Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates.


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