GRRL024: Streak of bad luck and sneaking off to play drums, with Stefanie of Caustic Casanova

Stefanie joined me online after Caustic Casanova’s 2016 tour to talk about their almost-comical bad luck streak during the first week of their tour, some tour tips, a bit about their record label Retro Futurist, and the difficult time and plain hard work she put in to recover from breaking *both* her wrists. I also bust out my trumpet playing story again, but this time to learn about Stefanie’s slight subterfuge when it came to finally playing the drums in high school.

Based in Washington D.C., Caustic Casanova has been described as “heavy metal B-52s” and other crossovers that usually involve the words “hard”, “heavy”, and “psychedelic.” They’ll be recording a new album starting in April, before going on yet another summer tour, so keep an eye out for tour dates. You do NOT want to miss them!


Download episode 24 at Libsyn or stream from these websites [iTunes | Stitcher | TuneIn | Google Play]

Show Notes

  • Caustic Casanova – “Thundersnow”
  • Are genres so important nowadays?
  • Things Stefanie learned from their 2016 tour
    • Plan for traffic – Giving themselves a 2hr buffer
    • More off-days to recoup and for equipment malfunctions
    • Coming across amp trouble and finding a savior in St. Louis at Acme Guitars
  • Irata – “Lion Slayer” (Website)
  • Touring – how and why
  • How did the tour work out financially? Not quite breaking even
    • Stefanie wants to emphasize how totally do-able touring is for any band that’s around Caustic Casanova’s level
  • Emily Danger – “Peace Arch” (Website)
  • Retro Futurist Records – Savannah, Georgia label – owned by the folks of Kylesa who Caustic Casanova toured with before being asked to join the label
  • Breaking bones – delays in putting out Breaks
    • Surgery and moving in with parents
    • Loss of independence, mental health, and becoming motivated to kick ass at physical therapy
  • Holly Hunt – “Meano”
  • Learning trumpet because mom didn’t want her play the drums
    • “But my heart’s always belonged to the drums.”
    • Sneaking off to find a drum kit
  • Heavy music dominated by men, drumming especially, but there are a lot of girl drummers out there



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