GRRL017: Spotify and nipple tape with Coco Tigler of The Fever

Grrl on Grrl goes INTERNATIONAL!

Coco Tigler is one part of the German duo The Fever. She joined me over the phone on the last day of their spring US tour. As an American expat, she shares her views on the music scenes in Berlin and in the US, the differences of touring the US versus Europe, censorship (specifically in regards to women), and finances.

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Download here. [~27 mins, 31MB]


  • [1:00] The Fever’s Spring US tour
    • Coco’s favorite cities to play
  • [2:00] Wearing and volunteering nipple tape during her shows, nipple censorship in the US
    • Different attitudes between people from the coastal cities vs. the Midwest and South
    • Is the nipple tape sexual?
    • Nipple censorship
  • [4:45] The Fever – On the Warpath
  • [7:45] “When we first started making music, we didn’t have any plans.”
    • Starting with a cheap drum machine and 8-track recorder
  • [9:15] Why being more than a duo wouldn’t be The Fever anymore
    • Chemistry and fighting over their musical ideas
    • “It’s always a surprise how the song’s going to turn out.”
  • [11:45] The Buglies – People Who Knows (Official music video) (Facebook)
  • [13:45] Being on Pandora and Spotify
    • “I just want people to listen to it.”
    • Why support Spotify even though they don’t pay musicians very well?
  • [15:00] The right and wrong way to support musicians
    • Spending money on drinks but refusing to pay the musician
  • [17:00] Breaking even (or not) while touring
    • Strategies
  • [18:00] The Fever – Sixty Stitches from their latest EP
  • [20:45] Booking shows in Europe vs. booking in the US
    • Grouped with diverse (or not) musicians at shows
  • [23:00] Berlin’s art scene and blurring lines of sexuality

Where to Find The Fever

Other Notes & Thanks!

Thank you to Coco for joining me over the phone after their spring tour.

Intro and outro music is “Get Up Got It” by Sullen Ray, off their album Blue Minor.

Mixing provided by Gary Hankins.

Audio hosting costs covered by Greg Guiliano of Wait Think Fast Productions.

And to all my friends who have been so supportive of this project, I love you!


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