Thank you to the wonderful people helping me behind the scenes!

Sorry about the radio silence as I scramble to get the podcast together. I’ve had a couple of personal upheavals to deal with, which resulted in me investing a bit more money into the launch than I had expected.

But I do have some great news! The episodes are coming together with the help of the lovelies Lety Beers and Greg Guiliano. Lety has experience in music engineering and being all-around awesome, and has agreed to do both for the podcast. After tearing my hair out a few times learning a completely new craft, having her volunteer has been a godsend. She’s also an amazing drummer for San Diego bands The Schizophonics, The Rosalyns–WHO ARE PLAYING AT BURGER-A-GO-GO IN SEPTEMBER WITH KATHLEEN HANNA AND KIM GORDON–and The Little Richards, who, if you haven’t guessed, is a Little Richard cover band.

Under Wait Think Fast Productions, Greg will be putting in his hard-earned cash into audio hosting for Grrl on Grrl. Without him, I would be using some weird free workaround to host things, and well, that would have sucked. Writer, actor, and general funny man, Greg was one of the creators of a strange and hilarious variety show The Telethon, performed on the main stage with the Neo Futurists, and produced and been featured in Blewt! productions.

With Lety and Greg’s help, I’ll have a few loads off my back as I put the finishing touches on the first four episodes… the first coming out… THIS SUNDAY!

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for this Sunday, August 16th, for the very first Grrl on Grrl episode. The premier episode will feature Devon Moore of Fun While You Wait, a New Jersey based band. Get ready for ukulele evangelism and music scene talk!

Thank you again for all your support. Stick around!


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